CHSE Course

Merit being the only criteria of admission the school follows the prescribed guidelines of the Government of Odisha and admission is done online through SAMS. The school follows the syllabus notified by the CHSE, Odisha. The present school was earlier known as Excelsior +2 Science Residential College and has been changed to Excelsior Sc. Res. H. S. School after change of name and culture. The School imparts science education only: Subjects are PCMB, IT/Electronics, English and M.I.L(O). After publication of 10th Board Examinations and publication of result students passing the same are eligible to apply for Higher Secondary Education online.

This School is a self financing Residential school where teaching, coaching, tuition is bridging for the better performance of the students, the curriculum is divided in three parts: regular curriculum, (teaching), coaching and guided study (tuition) hour. All facilities are available for extracurricular activities, field visits and study tour etc. Hostel and transport facilities are available both for boys and girls. Tight Security is another important part which is meticulously monitored. The School charges moderately giving benefit to all categories of students coming from tribal and under privileged class of society. National level lab facilities have been created to get the students through in offered subjects.

CBSE Course

Courses of studies prescribed by CBSE on all India basic is followed meticulously. The Text Books of CBSE Course published by NCERT is followed and is imparted as for the model directions. The course completion is done keeping sufficient scope for revision and evaluation. Continuous evolution of different test and examinations is followed by analysis and doubt clearing classes. The Examinations are like weekly test, monthly test, mock test, part test and full test. All these test are held after taking of the course progress on unit basis. Apart from regular curriculum extracurricular activities are held so as to explore the inner potentiality of the students. Writing skill is regularly monitored through home assignments. The guided study hour is held under the direct supervision of subject experts.


Summer Course is held in this college as a matter of regular practice for a period of 45 days to 2 months. It commences after completion of 10th Board CBSE/OBSE Examination. The 1st a few weeks is devoted to basic of Science which includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, IT and Electronics. Continuous examinations are held to assess the progress. In order to get the students totally acquainted to the subjects and to muster the course curriculum by fine tuning their skill. The skill development is another factor of summer scholars is carefully looked after. In case of necessity remedial coaching is given to bring all students to equal footing. Summer course is also made lively and interesting by introducing interesting programs by holding different competitions amongst them. The fees of the summer course has been made moderate to rope in maximum numbers of students so as to entertain real meritorious students. Motivational classes are arranged to boost the morale of the students who are in their teens.


Admission is allowed under the stipulation made by SAMS. All admission is allowed as per online selection. Certain fee is collected by SAMS while putting application for admission to any stream of Higher Secondary Education. Reservation so prescribed by Government of Odisha is applicable in all deserving cases. The regulations related to admission is published while inviting application for admission. Students are required to follow the admission notice to avail themselves of the fair selection.

Documents need at the time of Admission.

  • SLC in Original (School Leaving certificate)
  • Attested photocopy of Mark-sheet of the 10th Board Exam.
  • Conduct certificate in original
  • Six recent passport size coloured photographs.
  • Attested photocopy of the caste certificate (for reserve categories only)
  • Migration certificate in original.
  • Four photo copy of parents.
  • Two photo copy of local Guardian.

SCHOOL Fees Structure

A students admitted through SAMS is required to pay fees fixed by the management for the total session(11th & 12th). Apart from this, school charges uniform, pocket money and test fees extra. Besides these heads the students are require to meet the cost of books etc. by themselves. No other money is collected except the fees imposed by Government of Odisha CHSE/CBSE. Deserving students/ Economically Backward Class students with adorable ranks and percentages are rewarded scholarship in the form of cash award which is adjusted against the annual fees of the school.


Excelsior Advanced School follows the rules and regulations prescribed by Government of Odisha. This being a residential school with self financing mode the Management/ Agency formulates certain terms and conditions for smooth management and to ensure development and growth. The students are selected on purely merit basis and admission is held through online selection process. All facilities and reservation for admission is given to eligible students. After selection a student opting for another school on choice follow the sliding process and on spot admission if seats remain vacant. Selection is strictly monitored. A student leaving the school midway is not entitled to refund of any fees paid for the academic year, rather he may be liable for payment of establishment cost after due assessment and computation. A student creating disturbances deliberately misbehaving staff members shall be rusticated from the school similarly irregular continuance will be treated likewise.

RULES & Regulations For Students

  • A student is advised to maintain a docile life while in the school. Maintain friendly and homogeneous feeling while in the hostel. In disciplined life if found at any point of time a student is liable to be taken to task.
  • A student is required to go through the rules and regulations reflected in the admission form sincerely and follow the same honestly failing which action deemed proper shall be taken against the wrong doer.
  • A student is required to avoid absence from the school and class without any valid region.
  • A student is advised to behaved properly and respect the teacher and staff members as a matter of principles of the school.
  • Students are not allowed to have or use any electronics gadget such as cell phone, music player and such other things as this is treated as offence and it leads to forfeiture.
  • Leaving school or hostel without permission by the competent authority may lead to expulsion.

RULES & Regulations For Guardian

Apart from the rules and regulation stipulated by the Education department of Odisha and affiliating bodies. The Educational Agency (The Trust) frames curtain rules and regulation which remains biding on the Parent/Guardian/Student till his/her continuance.

  • The school fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Parents opting admission of their ward in Excelsior Advanced School after selection by the SAMS shall have to pay the total school fees at the time of completing the admission formalities. However in exceptional cases/ direly needy cases the payment of fees may be allowed in installments as per the condition so prescribed by the college management. The entire fees is collected at the time of admission in the form of cheque/draft/ bank remittance, after due adjustment of scholarship so awarded by the management.
  • Commitment for payment once executed on mutual understanding remains valid for the entire session and is irrevocable.
  • Visit of parents to meet their wards is allowed on regulatory basis. Advance notice is published /made restricting the visit with request to extend cooperation and to avoid frequency. Visit on Sunday and Holidays should be preferred in the early part of the day and to bear with the management in the event of visit is canceled.
  • Parents should take firm steps to clear the committed school dues without waiting for reminders, if reminded it should be taken kindly and the caller be respectfully responded.
  • Parents are requested not to insist for leave on flimsy grounds as it harms the studies of the students.
  • Parents in their own interest should meet the academic committee headed by the academic coordinator at least once in every two or three months after obtaining permission to review the progress of their ward and to discuss with the subject teachers to know things in detail.
  • Parents are requested to issue clear-cut instructions to their wards to refrain from ragging, unnecessary friendship and unruly behaviors.