• The school premises are kept free from use of all types of tobacco items including chewing of pan spitting here and there.
  • Cleanness of the campus is the responsibility of all.
  • Lodging complaints is welcome but it must be modest and sensible.
  • Address all matters to the School Authority for redress.
  • School Management remains committed to protect the interest of the students and the guardians.
  • Timely payment of School dues as per commitment is mandatory through Cheque.
  • Park pocket money with the school on demand to meet exigency.
  • Prayer for leave on flimsy ground is not allowed.
  • Visit of other members/nominated members of students is not allowed.
  • Maximum two registered telephone numbers allowed for keeping contact.
  • Parents patronage for effective implementation of the school curriculum is earnestly requested.


  • Parents are requested to minimize their visit to the school.
  • Always attend parent interaction with the academic head of the school is a must. This must be followed sincerely on receipt of prior appointment.
  • Influence wards to have harmonious relationships with the staff, fellow beings and school authorities as a sense of dignity.
  • Influence wards to be sincere in attending classes/examinations/doubt clearing sessions and analysis classes without fail.
  • Influence wards to follow text books, prescribed reference books and continue practice both reading and writing so as to achieve the best result.
  • Please put ceiling on appeal for grant of frequent leave as it disturbs the academic pursuit of your ward.
  • Parents are requested to be supportive for the complete growth of their ward as it encourages and empowers the school management to give 100% effort in maintaining academic atmosphere.
  • Healthy relationships of parents with school authority play a vital role for repeating the history and the legacy that the school has been doing over the years.
  • Parents are requested to kindly restrain from making public statements relating to their grievances instead approach the school authority for redressing of their owes if any.
  • Parents are the noblest guest of the school and they need to patronize the school so that it delivers the good in time.


  • Excelsior applies maximum efforts for holistic growth of its students.
  • Academic routine is implemented both in letter and in spirit.
  • The school implements the routine taking into consideration of student interest for engagement in studies for a brighter future.
  • The school attaches importance to emotional learning without over burdening the students.
  • The school conducts weekly test based on unit progress and similarly monthly test is held on cumulative progress of the course with prior notice to the students to achieve academic perfection.
  • Each test is followed by analysis and doubt clearing classes.
  • Students are drawn to studies through regular motivational counseling and completion of home assignments in the guided study hours.
  • Writing practice is treated as an effective tool for achieving the perfection.
  • Parents are requested to infuse new blood in their ward to take the study seriously as has secondary course is conventionally considered as a pedestal for lunching higher studies and be a successful scholar in the life.
  • The school puts importance and guides students to concentrate on text books, prescribed reference books and assignments of national level provide to them in course of their studies.
  • The school makes itself tied with national level coaching institute to provide the best study materials to its students so that a student could muster the strength of right to carrier and entrance examination in equal footing.
  • Academic success depends on discipline, a student which discipline is the greatest of all and each student is influenced to follow these golden principles and to transform him/herself to reach the highest level of perfection.
  • The school leaves no chance to simply hopes rather translates all its aspiration to positive result.


  • Hostel is not an alternative to homely comforts/atmosphere.
  • The school takes all care to make its hostel a right dwelling place for its students.
  • The hostel follows certain principles to make it free from absurdity.
  • Hostel inmates passing through their adolescent period are mildly tighten to regulate their habits.
  • The hostel inmates report back to their hostels by 9 PM on week days and leave their hostel for classes by 7 AM as a result they hardly find time to share and communicate with their parents.
  • Parents are requested to visit their wards in the hostel during the fixed hour so notified.
  • Parents are requested not to provide cooked food/junk food and other such foods.
  • No inmate is allowed carry or possesses any electronics devices.
  • No parent is allowed to visit his ward in his hostel room.
  • Parents are requested not to make request or influence any hostel staff for any on due favour or yield to their pressure.
  • Again parents are requested to make their visit peaceful and refrain from sharing their personal phone with other fellow inmates of their ward.
  • If parents have any grievances they may have a personal interaction with the school authority instead of expressing it in the hostel premises or in public.


  • Maintain silence as far as possible to make the academic atmosphere tranquil and quite.
  • Students should not request visiting parents to use their personal phone for any communication.
  • Students should be disciplined and should not indulge in ideal gossips rather follow the golden principles of “Stitch in Time Saves Mind”.
  • Students are advised to leave a homogenous life in the hostel and refrain from quarreling and disturbing other inmates.
  • Students are advised not to borrow or use anything from other inmates.
  • Students are advised not to keep any valuables or cash with them.
  • Students are advised not to engage themselves in any short of games such as cards etc.
  • Students are advised to develop fellow feeling and give priority to study so that he/she forms good habit to be an achiever.
  • Any cell phone/electronics items / contraband items once seize shall not be returned and the concerned inmates shall be proceeded with which may extend expulsion from the hostel.


  • The school provides a common kitchen to staff and students.
  • The menu notified is subject to change on seasonal basis.
  • The quantity and quality is regularly monitored by kitchen staff and the management.
  • The school kitchen prepares food stuffs in hygienic manner.
  • The mess menu is notified for information of the students and it contains the details of quantity to provide there in.
  • Parents having any grievances regarding quantity and quality of food are requested to have personal interaction with school authority and to help the management to overcome if there is any deficiency.
  • Parents are requested to extend their patronage to serve their wards in best possible manner.


  • Parents are the most respected persons of visiting the school premises.
  • The School remains committed to treat each parent as the dignified guest and welcome their visit with the deep sense of respect and expect them in the similar manner.
  • The School largely depends on the parents as the sole patronize for its growth and their satisfaction, encourage the Management to follow it with all solemnity and extend their support by paying school dues in time.