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Why Excelsior Works

Personalize Learning

Hand-picked and highly experienced teachers use latest technology to bring the best education to the

International school level facilities

Excelsior Residential College thrives to be the best, starting from innovation labs or the girls and boys hostels. Every class to be taught, every experiment to be conducted, and even every menu on lunch and dinner are planned

Highly competitive environment

The course is structured to bring out the best in students. Regular quizzes, assignments, and exams are geared towards making the students ready for the board and entrance exams


Excelsior foster here that students love for learning is encouraged and they tend to be responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. The school puts a solid foundation to build up the vision of Excelsior is to develop well founded confidence and responsibilities. Safe and competitive learning environment is which everyone is equal and all achievement is celebrated one. We believe that a happy child is a successful citizen. We are committed to provide a positive environment for children to visualize the past glory of the state when it reaches the climax in matters of producing extra ordinary result. Our focus is to provide a stimulating learning that existed in the days gone by.

Our goal is to support and nurture the children and our own natural desire is to make lifelong learners. We are committed again to the family, we serve to provide support and encouragement. Our vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to live up to their fullest potentiality. Our vision is to provide high quality education and child care. Our sole aim is to produce competitive students to compete in all national and international examination and excel as a mark of respect to Excelsior and Odisha in general while concluding the ambitious informative lines we remain committed to the students to achieve excellence in their life.


Excelsior carries a revolutionary vision and mission for the students community. Odisha’s educational portfolio was at its height exceeding results of other counterparts of the country. The result created by Odiya students remained as a land mark in seventies and earlier. But the gradual deteriorating performance of the students disheartened the academicians, intellectuals and scholars. Having been influenced by the Intelligentsia of the state a group of erudite scholars joined hands to redefine the educational standard of the state and bring back the age old glory. These scholars turned educationist started their campaign through a Trust with a promise to bring the Odiya students at par with their national counterpart. The sole aim was to reframe and redesign the course curriculum scientifically to reap and repeat the success story of the state. Thus began the Excelsior Higher Secondary School which has become the epitome of the school world. It spreads endurance of learning and brings laughter to every house hold through its incredible learning system. As a matter of fact “learning opens up opportunities” and continues for a lifelong pursuance.

The Trust Board pursues all its projects to make their school advanced one in a missionary zeal. Excelsior Higher Secondary School has been producing extra ordinary result as a result of which it has become the first choice of students for furtherance of their studies. By now 13th Batch of the school have successfully completed their studies cracking State and National level Entrance Examinations. Most of such students are now in cozy jobs.

The basics of the school including vision & mission have most important for keeping the institution focused in its entire core learning subjects. The vision can act as a guiding polestar which aims to make decision that leaves up to the basics. They are also important because documents that parents use to see whether the school means what they pronounce.